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Why I Love Surfing But I'm Not a Surfer: An Ode

to my Brother

You'd do yourself a disservice to think that surfing is as simple as a block moving over water. I may not be a surfer, but I know enough about surfing to see that it's a language. If you read the wave correctly, you will see waves as though they are very old letters about places that no longer exist.


What We Tell Our Children When We Talk About Pain

When teaching a child about how to relate to their own pain, how much is too much information? How much is not enough? How does one pick and choose which pieces of knowledge to share and which to hold back?


Buy What You Believe In

Buying ethically and sustainably does not require you to break the bank. It simply requires that you be thoughtful about where you spend your money. A guide to buying what you need while respecting those who made it.